Want to solve a historical mystery with your granddaughter?

Jump into the adventure of 1930s Switzerland as you read Twin Sisters Livingston: The Mystery at Madame Molineaux’s!

A World Full of Mystery and Adventure Awaits

Twin sisters Maddie and Jo Livingston have spent their lives travelling the world with their famous archaeologist parents. But when the Livingstons’ work takes them on a mysterious yearlong excavation in Siberia, much too dangerous for two twelve-year-old girls, Maddie and Jo are whisked off to a castle in Switzerland, where they find themselves piecing together a mystery of their own.

A Word From the Author, Mary Knight

As a founder, author, and the mom of two, I’m humbled to contribute to the edu-tainment movement through the rich and historical Twin Sisters Livingston universe, filled to the brim with inspiring female characters. Read on to find out more, share us with your friends, and please consider downloading the first six chapters for free!

If I could recommend just one new edu-tainment property to all tween girls and their mothers, it would be Twin Sisters Livingston.

Disney, Mattel, & Discovery

Reading stories about independently-minded girls is so important for tweens... there is so much to love - and admire about Twin Sisters Livingston.

National Council, George Washington School of Media & Public Affairs

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